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About Healthcare Venture Partners

Healthcare Venture Partners, LLC ("HCVP") is an investment advisor that invests primarily in innovative, mid-to-late stage venture companies in the healthcare and life sciences industry with a particular focus on companies employing Advanced Technologies.  HCVP centers its investment strategy on in-depth and fundamental research. HCVP, through its principals and investment professionals, has developed deep institutional knowledge of and extensive contacts across the healthcare and life sciences industry.

HCVP's investment focus spans across the entire healthcare and life sciences industry, which includes medtech and devices, therapeutics, healthcare services, healthcare information technology and diagnostics.  This broad focus provides fund diversification in addition to creating a deeper context for identifying and understanding the continual interactions among the different sectors of the healthcare and life sciences industry.  HCVP believes its comprehensive view of this interplay provides important and meaningful insights in evaluating, making and monitoring investments.

Embryonic Stem Cells
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